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Panthera Malaysia Wild Cat Conservation – one month weekly interpreting

9 of May to 8 of Jun 2023. For one month @ CatEagle technical interpreting team x Andy, Ethan, Dr Charles, Hong done the weekly Simultaneous interpreting for the Malaysian Panthera Wild Cat Conservation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd on the Panthera Tiger and wild cat conservation training program. We engage in partial charity to help the tiger and wild cat in this region. 马来西亚猫科动物保护机构, 帮助他们做一个月培训课程的同声翻译。

In Brief :-
Panthera has been present in Malaysia through partners for almost a decade. At the beginning of 2020, Panthera incorporated an office in Malaysia – Panthera Wild Cat Conservation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., strengthening the capacity to protect the country’s wild cats in support of and partnership with the Government of Malaysia and other local partners.
In Peninsular Malaysia, Project Kenyir continues the work started by Rimba under their Harimau Selamanya project in partnership with Panthera and Woodland Park Zoo. This project focuses on the monitoring and protection of three wild cat species in the Kenyir-Taman Negara Core Area: the Malayan Tiger (Panthera Tigris Jacksoni), the Leopard (Panthera Pardus) and the Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Nebulosa) and their prey.
On the island of Borneo, Project Dupot monitors and protects the Sunda Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Diardi) and other Bornean wild cats and their prey in the Deramakot Core Area, a mixed-use landscape in Sabah. Using counter-poaching strategies developed for this region, we work closely with the Sabah Forestry Department, Sabah Wildlife Department, as well as the Keramuak Community Rangers to increase the level of security across the Deramakot landscape.

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