Interpretation Service​s

CatEagle has done more than 980 days of simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, accompanying interpreting and whispering interpretation over the last 8 years, across Malaysia, Asia, China, Japan, Africa, Europe and Oceanic region.

We provide 4 types of Interpretation service:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Whispering Interpretation
  • Accompanied Interpretation


Simultaneous Interpretation

Most frequently used for large conferences, seminars or meetings. Simultaneous interpreting requires the interpreter to translate exactly what the speaker is saying, live, as he/she speaks. The interpreter is simultaneously listening and speaking, both at the same time. This requires a very intense and high level of concentration, high attention, fast response, fast talking and yet precise and accurate. This type of interpretation requires intelligent and knowledgeable candidates.

For the conference, if you need an interpreter, they need to interpret the speech of the person speaking (conferences, parliament, seminars and function speaker) in real time, concurrently and simultaneously. A basic system consists of a set of receivers with their corresponding headphones for the audience, and a transmitter and microphone and ear set for the interpreter, as well as sound proof booth. The interpreters must sit inside the sound proof booth. The goal is for the audience to understand the speaker while they are speaking, without having to stop for the speech to be interpreted. Normally for Simultaneous Interpretation, we required two persons, each interpreter will take turn to speak only for half an hour. The interpreter listens to the speaker and carries out the simultaneous interpretation, also called simultaneous translation in real time, both the speaker and the interpreter will talk together! Without lagging and without delay. So normally the interpreters will be deem genious by some people. The interpreter´s microphone is connected to the transmitter, which sends a signal to the congregation or audience wireless receivers, so every person can listen to the interpretation through their headphones via receivers in their own language. FM systems require one transmitter per language. FM transmitters can be portable (also called tour-guide or belt-clip transmitters) and run on batteries and stationary transmitters (also called base or table transmitters) are mostly used for events at fixed locations that do not require the interpreter to move around. All the important international conference will use the stationary transmitter and booths. CatEagle simultaneous interpretation booths (sound proof and partial sound proof) are ideal for simultaneous interpretation, meetings and conferences as they provide acoustic separation between interpreters, participants and attendees, building a comfortable working environment, allowing perfect visual and audio communication. We offer full size, sound-proof translation-interpretation booths, ISO 4043 compliant and table top interpretation-translation booths. CatEagle state-of-the-art FM transmitters can be used for language interpretation, assistive listening and for tour groups, wirelessly broadcasting a speaker’s voice, music or any audio signal up to 1000 feet to a listening audience. Our FM receivers, specifically designed for wireless multi-language simultaneous interpretation and assistive listening applications are ideal for any kind of event where wireless audio transmission is required, such as conferences, meetings, religious services, legal proceedings, government functions, events, factory tours, seminars, product launching, and guided visits. They emerge as the equipment preferred by providers of audiovisual equipment, simultaneous interpretation services from CatEagle in house, corporation, MNC, parliament, houses of worship, schools, governmental entities and courts, tourism, and interpreters in general. Attractive, innovative and simple, multi-language interpretation requires only a simple click on the frequency button, mult-channle button to provide for different languages interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

Most frequently used in speeches, sermons, talks, keynotes addresses and smaller or large meetings. The speaker will speak a few sentences, then pause for a while. The interpreter will listen, memorize, take notes and then must translate exactly the speaker’s messages during the pause. The interpreter must be able to translate what the speaker had said into fluent sentences without pauses or prompts or delays, he must translate immediately, live and fast !

Accompanying Interpretation

Another form of consecutive interpreting is often called accompanying interpreting. If you are visitor from another country, you may want to use the services of an interpreter who accompanies you to meet your clients, at the airport, city tours, and shopping excursions. Accompanying interpreters generally translate informal conversation in a casual setting.

Whispering Interpretation

The French call it chuchotage. Whispering interpretation is applied in small meetings and informal settings, business negotiations and in one-on-one interactions under any circumstances. Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language and the delegate speaks a different language. The interpreter sits beside the delegate and whispers the interpretation in the meeting. It is a less formal type of language interpretation.

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