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United Nations Simultaneous Interpreting at Putrajaya Malaysia

15 to 19 Aug 2022 CatEagle internal interpreters, whom we trained from zero and build up from scratch, both of them top students from local university years ago. CatEagle done 5 days English to Malay Simultaneous interpreting. It’s a real success for such a high-level interpreting event, organized by the American government with the Malaysia government on Cybersecurity conference and training for all the local trainers. Years ago CatEagle team gathered our best friends and my brothers and sisters to build a team of simultaneous interpreters, our own staff, we witness many success cases after cases, and events after events.
Venue Le Meridien Putrajaya
2022 年 8 月 15 日至 19 日 CatEagle 内部口译员,我们从零开始培训并从零开始培养,他们都是多年前本地大学的顶尖学生。 猫头鹰翻译了 5 天的英语到马来语同声传译。 由美国政府与马来西亚政府负责的网络安全会议和对所有本地讲师的培训,对于如此高水平的口译活动来说,这是一个真正的成功案例。 多年前,CatEagle 团队召集了我们最好的朋友和我自己的弟兄姊妹,建立了一支同声传译团队,我们自己的员工,我们见证了一个又一个的成功案例,一个又一个的大会成功翻译。

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