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Translation and interpreting

CatEagle Services :- ( ;
  1. Engineering, Technical and Leadership Training (for corporate, government, consultancy companies and universities)
  2. Translation and interpretation (written, simultaneous and consecutive for international event and government, Sign language)
  3. Technical and Traditional Team building (for corporates, NGO, colleges, universities, schools)
  4. Simultaneous interpretation Equipment (ISO certified SIS equipment for international event, government, United Nations)
  5. Digitalization (For SME, SEO, Web, Google Ads)
  6. Journal + Desktop Publishing (develop research articles)
猫头鹰翻译培训社 :- ( ;
  1. 工程, 技术和领导力培训 (企业,大学职员,政府,顾问公司)
  2. 翻译(笔译,口译,同声,交替, 手语, 会展)
  3. 团队建设 (企业,学院, 大学,NGO)
  4. 同声翻译设备 (企业,会展中心,国际项目)
  5. 数字网络 (SME, 网页,谷歌搜寻优化,谷歌广告)
  6. 研究刊物与排版,编辑出版 (撰写报告,研究)

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