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technical team building to GAIA

26 Jan to 28 Jan 2022 CatEagle conducted technical, leadership, management and sales training cum technical team building to GAIA group of company senior managers, a total of 18 attended the event. CatEagle attended by SYLee, KLWong and Tey Seah Kim. Courses conducted were 5S, Poka Yoke, Risk Matrix, 7 QC, New Age leadership, Management skills, Digital Manager, Create an A team culture, 4P and 6P, PEST and PESTLE, Prioritization, SMART, Effective high level reporting and management, KAIZEN, LEAN Management, Cost reduction, DMAIC, Reporting system tools, Leadership development for middle management and senior management 80-20 rules and Matthew Effect 26 Jan to 28 Jan 2022 @ 猫头鹰培训,提供3天工程,技术,管理,领导力,市场透视,营销通路,公司管理层制度统筹一系列简单密集培训课程给 GAIA集团和其子公司经理和首席执行总裁。

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