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Team Building for Zam Zam Sdn Bhd at Cherating Pahang

29, 30 Sep to 1 Oct 2023 CatEagle team done activities based team building for Zam Zam Sdn Bhd at Kuantan Cherating Resort. 3 days 2 nights with educational, motivational and inspirational activities with the goal for team bonding, working spirit cum espirit de corp. Attended by 60 participants from Zam Zam Sdn Bhd and 4 trainers from CatEagle. Bravo to Daniel, Andy, Hafizi and Zila. Good memorable moments spent together 3 days under one roof for laughing, enjoy, foods and chatting.
CatEagle is the only one created the technical team building program and technical team building agenda. We are a mixture of activities cum technical knowhow enhancement agency.

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