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SSGA Singapore Business Matching interpreting – SI and CI

10 and 11 Aug 2021 CatEagle mobilized 6 interpreters working on USA and Malaysia business matching organized by Singapore. Matching exporter and importer. Topic : Identity-Preserved Soya and Specialty Grains Virtual B2B Seminar 专业大豆和特种谷物商业对接座谈会 jointly hosted by SSGA 专业大豆和谷物联盟 and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) . One interpreter working on Simultaneous and 5 interpreter on consecutive interpreting. Ling on SI. Kelly, Gene, Ethan, Lim Koo and KLWong on CI. Language : Malay-English-Chinese. KLWong chief interpreter from CatEagle head the two days project. Glory to God.

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