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Six Sigma and Lean Sigma consultancy

10 Sep 2021 – Today presenting the Engineering LEAN Six Sigma debriefing and theory on course structure to the management team of a Malaysian government linked company. 今天呈现六标准差简报和培训课程给马来西亚一家政府公司高层管理。

Lean Management and Lean Sigma is the revolutionary fusion of today’s most powerful business improvement tools, developed, practiced and delivered by proven record and practical theory. Lean organizations are customer-focused. They reduce waste in their value streams by improving workflows and then by subsequently improving the physical layout of their facilities.

The global economy has caused a stronger competition in all kinds of business. Industries are facing continuous reduction in profit margins in order to keep a share of the market. Each little savings will contribute to improve the economy of enterprise and its community. This is the time to perform the best use of each and every one of the resources available. DMAIC methodology is a simple six sigma tool use for systematic improvement with details methodology guide, proven to be strongly effective over the last few decades, across many mega corporation in USA and Japan. The adoption of DMAIC methodology will assist your organization in pursuing the competitive advantages through cost reduction and more effective and efficient ways of your processes.

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