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Petronas Energy Asia Conference at KLCC – 26-28 Jun 2023 KLCC – Interpretation and SI Equipment

26 to 28 Jun 2023
Petronas Energy Asia Conference at KLCC – Charting a Pathways for Sustainable Asia
3 Days conference attended by 3000 participants from Asia and the world Energy, oil and Gas company. CatEagle entrusted the responsibility to in charge of Simultaneous Interpreting and the Interpreting system cum equipment for 3000 participants. A 3 days program officiated by Prime Minister DS Anwar and attended by influential company CEO.
The English, Chinese Mandarin, and Japanese interpretation start from 9am till 6pm, divided into many different parallel session, main session, lunch hour dialogues, forum and plenary session. CatEagle mobilized 12 interpreters and 30 SIS equipment technicians, 6 technical specialists and 3 engineers. Engaged 8 booths and 2800 Receivers , as well as 4 independent transmitters during luncheon interpreting.
What’s on the agenda for Energy Asia?
This conference bring you three days of leading energy thought leadership to steer Asia’s net-zero future, exploring the vital topics and key industry challenges in delivering a just transition for the region.
This content was delivered across more than 50 strategic sessions, bringing together insight from across the energy ecosystem, exploring a detailed agenda designed to inform and engage actionable solutions for a just energy transition in Asia and beyond.
Asia is a resource-rich region with a significant population base, robust economic development and strong long-term growth potential. The region comprises advanced, developing and emerging economies moving at multiple paces, underpinned by different stages of economic development and socio-economic standards.
In most developing and emerging Asia, decarbonisation requires the stakeholders to strike the right balance between energy security, affordability and sustainability, or the energy trilemma. Balancing this will allow the development of the right ecosystems that suit their respective national interest, particularly to sustain economic development and alleviate poverty, as well as spurring new growth areas arising from energy transition.
What CatEagle team learn from this conference ? After listened and done interpretation in such an intensive manners…Let us continue to learn from this conference, start from ourselves, doing our bit to help the environment, help to de-carbonize.

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