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New staff at CatEagle

New people into CatEagle 2021 :-
Andy Lau – Methodist
Khay Xin – Methodist
Gene Loh- Anglican
Piano Tey- formerly CatEagle Intern, very hardworking little girl
Piano Tey Seah Kim, CatEagle intern 2018-2019
UTAR Bachelor Chinese studies
Joined Mar 2021
Andy Lau – Methodist
UTM – Chemical Engineering
UKM – Master of Sciences
Former High School teacher at UK
UiTM – Contract Lecturer in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University Malaysia Pahang- Full time Lecturer in Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Natural Resource Engineering
Resigned on March 2021 joined CatEagle
Gene Loh – Anglican
Bachelor Business USM
Master in Translation USM
Resigned from factory, Joined CatEagle Mar 2021
Khay Xin – Methodist
Bachelor Chinese Studies, UTAR,
Joined CatEagle under probation Mar 2021

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