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Monspace Motivational Seminar Simultaneous interpreting

19 and 20 Oct `2019 from `9am to 11pm. CatEagle Translation and Training mobilized 6 interpreter done simultaneous interpretation for English Chinese Malay on crypto currency for one Malaysia international company Monspace, for the motivational speech and seminar.  Samuel Chew (Brethren) the leader to guide and manage the team, Lim Koo, Kelly, Ethan Zhu, Wan Ling and Yu Lin. The audience 10000 attendance! 猫头鹰翻译培训社出动六位翻译员做同声翻译,加密货币。曹凯文(弟兄会)领队, 林谷,佩珊,婉宁,庭浩,昱琳。

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