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Leadership Training for Japanese company Itoki

14 Nov 2022 – Leadership Training 领导力学
CatEagle SYLee conducted the one-day intensive Leadership training for the Japanese company Itoki management staff. The new era leadership include leadership in various situation, KPI methodology, Force Ranking management, digitalization, PESTLE, 4P and 6P, SMART Goal setting, mission leadership, corporate management method, productivity vs leadership guides, top management direction. Intensive theory, practical and examples from 9am till 5pm.
猫头鹰老师李颂义,14 NOV 2022 教导日本公司 ITOKI 领导力学,教导21世纪领导方法,新生代领导哲理,数字化领导,各种领袖型营销方法和目标,远景作为每日领导指南。

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