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Engineering 8D Training

5 MAR 2019 猫头鹰工程培训课程 CatEagle provides Engineering Training and lectures
CatEagle SYLee, done public training at Vistana Hotel on Engineering 8D Training for 8 engineers and academicians. Students from Both Malaysia and Brunei. 我提供8D工程课程培训讲课給8 位工程师和大学学术人员。学生来自马来西亚和文莱。 Yes. 一切荣耀归神! All Glory to God.
Outline : –
SECTION 1: 8D Definition – Overview of 8D Steps
 Terms & Definition
 Application and introduction
SECTION 2: D1 – Introduction of the Team:
SECTION 3: D2 – Describe the Problem
 Ichikawa diagram and Sample of 5M for Fish Bone Diagram
 Team charter method
 Describe problem with 5W,2H
 New 7 QC tools
SECTION 4:D3 – Describe Interim Containment Actions
 Describe the temporary actions to contain the problem and “fix” until permanent
correction is in place
 QC Tools
 Sample of Action Plan
SECTION 5: D4 – Describe The Process of Defining & Verifying of Root Causes
 Describe the ‘Escape Point’
 Some Tips to Get Started
 Describe verification and validation method of root cause
 Test on the escape point
SECTION 6: D5 – Describe The Process of Identifying & Verifying Corrective Actions
 Tabulate & describe solutions determined to be the best of all the alternatives
 DMAIC method
SECTION 7: D6 – Describe Action Plan For Corrective Actions
 Corrective action in table format and 5W 2H format
SECTION 8: D7 – Describe How The Problem Can Be Prevented From Recurrence
 Describe what improvements in systems and processes would prevent problem from
 Poka Yoke method
 Kaizen method and continuous improvement
 Control methodology
 One point lesson
SECTION 9: D8 – Record Recognition Accorded To The Team
 Recognition to the team.

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