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Digital Transformation Sarawak – Interpreting and SIS Equipment

Interpreting, simultaneous interpretation, SIS Equipment for the Sarawak state government
19 Sep 2023 CatEagle in charge of simultaneous interpreting and SIS interpretation system at Pullman Hotel, Kuching Sarawak. For the Digital Transformation conference, for the Sarawak Premier, Sarawak private sectors and China state own company major in navigation and satellites. Bravo to En, Mok and Mandy.
CatEagle provide interpretation and SIS equipment for East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. CatEagle has done numerous event and international conference in Sarawak and Sabah for the past 8 years. We provides multiple languages simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting, as well as SIS equipment.
CatEagle has 6 ISO certified booth, latest model of CCU and transmitter, as well as 3000 Receivers. CatEagle has done the event at Sarawak for government, ASEAN, international conferences and others.
SIS Equipment rental is one of our core competencies. CatEagle been involve not only providing interpreting, simultaneous interpretation in Malaysia, CatEagle also has our presences across ASEAN region for international conferences, United Nations event and government meeting. CatEagle provides comprehensive SIS equipment rental to all conferences, events, government fucntions and meeting.
CatEagle provides basic simultaneous interpreting equipment, mobile interpreting equipment and ISO certified interpretation equipment, together with our in house interpreters and translators. A one stop solution to all conferences and meeting.

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