Annie is an English to Chinese translator cum interpreter and vice versa. She is conversant with the English language, Chinese traditional and Chinese simplified Mandarin. She is a qualified lawyer with LLB Hon from the prestigious University of Singapore, one of the world top university and top in Asia region. She worked for more than 20 years as a practicing advocate and solicitor.

Her intense interest in languages has driven her to pursue a career as an English / Chinese interpreter and translator.

Annie has over 25 years of experience interpreting for American and English conference speakers, in churches, and as a freelance translator. she has translated a variety of documents, from legal to commercial documents to theological writings and books for clients both local and overseas. She is highly dedicated in her work. She is well respected by peers, students, church members and all those around her, as a mentor, teacher, councilor and adviser.

Vietnamese Translator @ Linh Trinh
Linh Trinh has more than 8 years of experience in translation. She received her BA in in English from Hanoi University of Foreigh Studies (Vietnam). She has been translating documents in various fields, mainly education, legal, medical, insurance, marketing and technology for various organizations. She is reliable, pays attention to details and she is committed to delivering high quality work.

Arabic Translator @ Mahmoud
Mahmoud Abuzahra is our English to Arabic translator specialize in social science, sociology, law, telecommunications, patents, trademarks and copyright translation. He is a native of Jordan and is a member of Jordanian Translators Association (JTA). He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in English Literature and has 9 years of translation experience. He is meticulous, hardworking and always on time with high quality.

German Translator @ Moritz-Ivo Will
Moritz is a dedicated biotechnologist with a buoyant passion in language, especially his mother tongue German. He is proficiently translating German-English and English-German since 2005 besides pursuing his career as a researcher. His experience in translating covers a broad array of fields with special focus on sciences. He is well known for his hardworking character.