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Six Sigma and Lean Sigma consultancy

10 Sep 2021 – Today presenting the Engineering LEAN Six Sigma debriefing and theory on course structure to the management team of a Malaysian government linked company. 今天呈现六标准差简报和培训课程给马来西亚一家政府公司高层管理。

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Christianity book translation

Second week of September CatEagle team done a full translation for a book and article on the Christian apologetics. 九月第二个星期翻译基督教护教学的文章。

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Computer code translation

24 Sep 2021 CatEagle team need to rush for the computer coding translation. Two translators plan to take 3 days to complete this task. 今天开始一连三天计算机词汇翻译

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Translation and interpreting

CatEagle Services :- ( ;
1. Engineering, Technical and Leadership Training (for corporate, government, consultancy companies and universities)
2. Translation and interpretation (written, simultaneous and consecutive for international event and government, Sign language)
3. Technical and Traditional Team building (for corporates, NGO, colleges, universities, schools)
4. Simultaneous interpretation Equipment (ISO certified SIS equipment for international event, government, United Nations)
5. Digitalization (For SME, SEO, Web, Google Ads)
6. Journal + Desktop Publishing (develop research articles)

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