23 to 26 Nov 2021 Dong Zong Mother Tongue education conference.

23 to 26 Nov 2021 Dong Zong Mother Tongue education conference. CatEagle did simultaneous interpreting for English – Malay, 3 days conference for international speaker. This is English only conference. 董总母语教育大会论坛,猫头鹰为国际学者做英文和马来文同声翻译。这个会议没有使用中文。荣耀归主 ! Glory to God. This is partially volunteer and social responsibility job for CatEagle.

17 Nov 2021 Done physical and zoom Simultaneous interpreting for Anti Corruption Malaysia

17 Nov 2021 physical conference at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. CatEagle done simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for the MARI, Malaysia innovative Reform program on Anti-Corruption, for both Malaysia and USA embassy. 同声翻译, 马来西亚和美国大使馆反贪腐改革论坛。 SI – KL Wong and Kelly done excellent job, CI by Andy and Lim Koo.
KLWong being CatEagle chief interpreter always deliver impeccable job and interpreting. SC-Wong in charge of all equipment.
KL-Wong 是猫头鹰首席翻译员,从来未有失误, 严肃认真。


This week @ the first week of Nov, CatEagle team divided into two teams, to complete two batch of translation for court in Malaysia. One case is Chinese to English x 40 pages, second case is Chinese to Malay x 65 pages. Must submit by end of this week.
本周@11月的第一周,猫鹰团队分成两队,完成两个客户在马来西亚出庭的翻译宗卷。 地一个是中文到英文x 40页,第二个工作是中文到马来文x 65页。 必须在本周末之前提交。

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