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Senior Chinese Translator / Interpreter

Business Degree in Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

Wan Ling is a hardworking individual that involves in English and Chinese translation. As a native Chinese, she is capable in writing Chinese articles. In addition, her dedication and passion in the translation and interpretation sector have driven her to pursue a career in this sector. She is flexible and reliable in meeting deadlines and producing good works. 江瑞芬,来自中国的本土中英翻译员,生长于钟灵毓秀的黄山风景区家乡,汉语文辞优美,行文流畅,广东外语外贸大学商务英语专业毕业,精通英语听说读写, 理所当然汉语文学才华洋溢,文采行云流水;登峰造极。 从事相关英语翻译工作3年,翻译细腻精确,工作认真勤奋。

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