Our Team

KL Wong

Chief English & Malay Translator & Editor

Engineering Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering from Malaysia National University.



Work as engineer, senior engineer, staff engineer as well as engineering manager in USA, Japanese, UK and Singapore Semiconductor companies for 19 years. Besides, Wong has been the industrial mentor for many internship students and final year university student. He involves in English and Malay translation and editorial job for more than 5 solid years, has translated many different articles across big variety of different topic, received good comments and good feedback from 100% of the clients, with high and far exceed expectation kinds of quality and time line.

He is hardworking, meticulous and serious in every single detail. Wong specializes not only in engineering, but he translated high quality works in both medicine, legal, finance and information technology.

Wong being a Baba origin in Melaka, Malaysia, he is conversant in both English and Malay, native in both languages. He is capable of writing good articles and good technical thesis in both languages, interchangeable and native in nature. This make him an ideal candidate as translator, besides working professionally as an engineer in semiconductor high volume manufacturing field.

Wong worked 25 years as engineer, senior engineer, staff engineer, engineering manager and chief of engineer at Malaysia, USA, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Japan.

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