Interpretation Services

We provide 4 type of interpretation services :

  1. Simultaneous interpretation
  2. consecutive interpretation
  3. whispering interpretation
  4. and accompanied interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation : Most frequently used for large conferences, seminars or meetings.  Simultaneous interpreting requires the interpreter to translate exactly what the speaker is saying, live, as he/she speaks.  The interpreter is simultaneously listening and speaking, both at the same time.    This requires a very intense and high level of concentration, high attention, fast response, fast talking and yet precise and accurate.  This type of interpretation requires intelligent and knowledgeable candidates.

simultaneous interpretation Malaysia

CatEagle simultaneous interpreting for China Belt and Road

Done simultaneous interpretation and provide SIS equipment (booth, ear set, console, ear phones, transmitters) for Asia Obstetrical and gynecology conference 2018.

11 Oct 2018 @ I done simultaneous interpretation for Indonesia President Jokovi at Sofitel Bali Indonesia on the “Blended Financing and World Bank, Environment and IMF”. 我今天在巴厘岛为世界银行, 货币组织, 绿色基金及混合融资大会为印尼总统左科威做同声翻译。

Done simultaneous interpretation at Kenya Africa for ICBC (world largest bank) and Africa nations’ central bank

interpreter Malaysia

CatEagle Simultaneous interpreting for China RMB internationalization

Done simultaneous interpretation at Google headquarters Jakarta ; 雅加达谷歌总部 @ 15 Oct 2018. 同步翻译

Mobilized 8 interpreters done simultaneous interpretation for English-Chinese-Japanese for Aisa PetroChemical Conference at KLCC Malaysia with attendance of 4500 delegates

I done interpretation for Nobel Prize Winner for economic science Professor Joseph Stieglitz at Bali Indonesia. 为若贝尔经济奖得奖学者做翻译 @ 印尼巴厘岛

Simultaneous interpretation for Malaysia Petronas and Petro Chemical plant @ 4 Chinese-English interpreters

Consecutive Interpretation :  Most frequently used in speeches, sermons, talks, keynotes addresses and smaller or large meetings.  The speaker will speak a few sentences, then pause for a while.   The interpreter will listen, memorize, take notes and then must translate exactly the speaker’s messages during the pause.  The interpreter must be able to translate what the speaker had said into fluent sentences without pauses or prompts or delays, he must translate immediately, live and fast !

Simultaneous interpretation at Bangkok for 6000 attendees

Consecutive interpreting at China for Dutch company

Accompanying Interpretation : Another form of consecutive interpreting is often called accompanying interpreting.  If you are visitor from another country, you may want to use the services of an interpreter who accompanies you to meet your clients,  at the airport, city tours, and shopping excursions.  Accompanying interpreters generally translate informal conversation in a casual setting

Whispering Interpretation :  The French call it chuchotage.  Whispering interpretation is applied in small meetings and informal settings, business negotiations and in one-on-one interactions under any circumstances. Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language and the delegate speaks a different language.  The interpreter sits beside the delegate and whispers the interpretation in the meeting.  It is a less formal type of language interpretation.

simultaneous interpretation in Church

CatEagle has done more than 980 days of simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, accompanying interpreting and whispering interpretation over the last 8 years, across Malaysia, Asia, China, Japan, Africa, Europe and Oceanic region.

Some of our recent Interpretation Services Projects :

Interpretation Service at KLRCA

Interpret for Chinese arbitration delegate at Asia Internaional Arbitration center. 替中国仲裁官员各代表于亚洲国际仲裁庭翻译

Interpretation for Army Malaysia

Simultaneous interpretation for China PLA and Malaysian Army You Yi joint exercise and chief army commander of China PLA


Interpretation at ITBM

Regularly doing marriage certification and consecutive interpreting at Malaysia Institute of Books and Translation

Simultaneous interpretation recording : –

Contact :, 012 6161623 (Malaysia)

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