Simultaneous interpreting for Jo Melone London

SYLee done simultaneous interpretation for China PLA and Malaysian Army You Yi joint exercise and chief army commander of China PLA

Simultaneous interpretation for China PLA and Malaysian Army You Yi joint exercise and chief army commander of China PLA

21 May 2018 interpret for Chinese arbitration delegate at Asia Internaional Arbitration center. 替中国忡裁官员各代表于亚洲国际忡裁庭翻译

Interpretation Service at KLRCA

Jun 2018 two weeks - Done interpreting for Dutch company at Guangdong China. Technical audit and Preventive maintenance improvement at gelatin factory. 中国广东, 开平做翻译 ! To God be the Glory 荣耀归上帝!

5 Jun 2018 conducted Engineering 8D training and lecture to a group of engineers at Petaling Jaya. Public Training. 提供工程讲课和培训给一群工程师。 Done well for our LORD, to Him be the Glory ! 荣耀归神!

CatEagle Translation & Training team (4 pax) done CI and SI for Deustch bank at Singapore from 14 to 16 May 2018. 猫头鹰翻译培训社于新加坡德意志银行做交替和同步翻译。 Marina Bay Hotel. We have done well. All glory to God !

SYLee conducted technical report writing training for 25 senior engineers at USA company

SYLee interpreting for China Army Regiment business meeting at Kuala Lumpur

26 May 2018 CatEagle Translation & Training; SYLee and Kelly Wong. Done Chinese-English-Malay Simultaneous interpreting and Chinese- Malay Simultaneous interpreting at Setia Convention Center. CatEagle Translation - In God we Trust !

26 and 27 Nov 2018 done simultaneous interpretation for ASEAN +3 Senior Labor officer and ASEAN Labor minister meeting at Kuala Lumpur. 我做同生声翻译 @ 东盟加三(中国,日本,南韩)劳工部长级会议

Simultaneous interpreting for one MLM company at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Jun 2018

ASEAN + 3 meeting at Malaysia - Nov 2018

Simultaneous interpretation for World City Tourism conference at Penang, Malaysia

Regularly every month done marriage certification and consecutive interpreting at Malaysia Institute of Books and Translation

CatEagle chief interpreter SYLee done Simultaneous interpretation for USA MLM company NUSkin at Penang, Jun 2018

CatEagle sent our interpreter to China Changchun done consecutive interpreting for Dutch company on technical audit - May 2018 5 days

Simultaneous interpreting at Jogyakarta 23 Apr to 27 Apr 2018 for Asia Aromatherapy Conference. 亚洲芳香疗法精油大会做同步翻译@ 印尼热惹雅加达! CatEagle SYLee and Kelly Wong

CatEagle done Interpol event (France) at Sabah 沙巴州- 国际刑警 (法国)- Apr 2018

Simultaneous interpreting for Malaysia-China Port alliance 为马来西亚-中国港口联盟做同声翻译

Consecutive interpreting for Development and Motivational training

Working on simultaneous interpretation for European Poultry Industry

Provide 5S Awareness and Implementation training to Heriot Watt University, staff, lecturers and associate professor

Simultaneous Interpreting for Amway at Busan City, Korea

Provide Public Training at Kuala Lumpur, FMEA Methology to managers and engineers

Interpreting for Asia Football Confederation at HQ ! 亚洲足球联合会总部

4 days simutaneous interpretation at Kuala Lumpur for AFC (Asian Football Confederation) 为亚洲足球联合会做同声翻译。

Simultaneous interpretation for China One Belt One Road Conference and discussion

Interpreting for the Malaysian government ministry of agriculture at Putrajaya

Interpreting for Australian National Hockey coach, 3 times world champion

I conduced engineering process and design FMEA for a group of 27 engineers at Melaka, Malaysia

Conducting lecture on Interpretation and Translation at UPM on 7 Apr 2018. 在马来西亚农业大学讲课。

Conducted training on Interpretation and Translation at Malaysia Putra University - Apr 2018 - 于马来西亚大学教导翻译和口译课程

Interpreting for Honda Machines buy off and Qualification from Taiwan

Interpret for Taiwan Celebrity , Young Golden Horse Award Winner

Done two days consecutive interpretation for Malaysia Arbitration KLRCA head Prof Sundra and China Arbitration center at Kuala Lumpur.

Interpret for KLRCA (Regional Arbitration Center) Head and President

Done simultaneous interpreting for Doterra Essential Oil Singapore

Regular consecutive interpretation at ITBM for marriage registeration interpreting (Malaysian and Foreigner) 婚姻注册翻译

Simultaneous interpretation one day for New Silk Road. 同声翻译 – 新丝绸之路

Done two days simultaneous interpreting for Europe Software company at Bali Island, Indonesia

Done one day simultaneous interpretation for World Economic Forum and One Belt One Road strategy

Done one day simultaneous interpretation for Sunway Manager Conference at Kuala Lumpur

Done one day simultaneous interpretation for Kreston Accounting conference at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Done one day simultaneous interpretation for Asia Horology conference at Shangrila Singapore

Done consecutive interpreting at Malaysia Veterinary Laboratory, Putrajaya for control disease and epidemic

Consecutive interpreting for Korean Pastor 2017 - 为韩国牧师做交替翻译

6 Mar 2018 interpreting for Kiwanis international at Putra Jaya. 为世界同济会做翻译!

Done consecutive interpretation for Germany Deutsche Bank at Marina Convention Center Singapore

Done 2 days interpreting for Peru and Switzerland Mining company

Done 3 days simultaneous interpretation for World Entrepreneurs Organization Taipan Asia Pacific Training

Done 3 days simultaneous interpretation at Bangkok Thailand for Herbalife Asia Pacific Conference

Simultaneous interpretation at Bangkok for 6000 attendees

Done 2 days simultaneous interpretation for Malaysia National sports coaching conference at Kuala Lumpur

Consultant for Japanese MNC in Klang Malaysia on 5S and manufacturing system cum productivity improvement

Doing Simultaneous interpretation at Macau for HP International

conducting training for french company

conducting training for french company

Conduct 5S training for German manufacturing company in Kuala Lumpur

Done 1 day simultaneous interpratation for China – ASEAN Young Entrepreneur forum at Kuala Lumpur, 吉隆坡同声翻译 – 中国-东盟企业家座谈会

Done interpretation at Manila Philippine for China Hainan Municipal Government and the Philippine Government ; 于菲律宾 马尼拉为中国海南省政府和菲律宾签约翻译

Conduct 5S and DMAIC training for French company at Selangor, Malaysia

CatEagle team strategy discussion and optimization for clients (SYLee, Andrea Lim, Thomas Lee)

Simultaneous interpreting for United Nation World City Day

CatEagle team in charge of Military Medical Simultaneous interprering for Korean, Chinese and English for USA Company Zoll - 2018 (3 days SI 三天同声翻译)

Consecutive interpreting for Business Matching 2018 - MATRADE Malaysia

CatEagle team in charge of Medical vaccine company Simultaneous interprering for Japanese, Chinese and English for USA Company - Feb 2018, 4 interpreters 5 days

重出江湖 7 Feb 2018 @ 生病沉静无声4个月后起航 Resume work after 4 months sick and silent. Conducted the Public FMEA course.

Interpret for Xia Men University 为厦门大学翻译 - Sep 2017

Interpretating for Kuala Lumpur Tong Shin Hospital 为吉隆坡同善医院做翻译 - September 2017

Interpret for Kuala Lumpur Investment company - Sep 2017

Interpretating at Kuala Lumpur High court 吉隆波法庭翻译 - Sep 2017 (2 days)

Simultaneous interpreting for USA MLM company Mary-kay 同步翻译 - Aug 2017 at Sunway Convention Center

CatEagle assigned 2 SI INTERPRETERS for 1st Malaysia Organic Conference in KL on 10 Dec 2017. Lim and Jac

SYLee conducted 5S training and 5S methodology consultation and implementation at Japanese Company - 1.5 years ; 颂义提供5S 培训和5S 咨询服务及落实方案给日本企业 (时间-1年半)

Simultaneous interpreting for China High Speed rail. 中国高铁同声翻译

Year 2016 HP convention at Macau China. I done simultaneous interpretation for 3 days. 中国澳门举行2016年度惠普亚洲大会,我同声翻译三天。

Global Leadership Seminar at Thailand Bangkok, interpreted for 2 days. 全球领袖峰会,泰国曼谷举行 @ 同声翻译两天

July-2018 Interpol project (France) at Kuala Lumpur JW-Marriot Hotel 2018年国际刑警组织吉隆坡项目

SYLee provide Foreign-Malaysia marriage interpreation for registration at ITBM - my usual place and room for register and interpretation - 提供马来西亚和外国结婚注册翻译 (ITBM 房间和常坐的位子)

CatEagle sent two Chinese-English interpreter to Vietnam for the Market Asia simultaneous interpretation - 猫头鹰翻译培训设派遣两位资深翻译员到越南做同声翻译。

SYLee provide 4 session of 5S methodology trainng to employee of F&N Malaysia

SYLee provide 5S and Produtivity improvement consultancy to Japanese Company in Malaysia

SYLee Provide simultaneous interpretation @ 3 days for Taiwan motivatinoal speaker 4U Institute at Penang, Malaysia. 为4U台湾激励讲师Micheal Jiang提供激励培训中英翻译。

Provide 1 day simultaneous interpretatin for Christian DIOR at Bali Indonesian. 于印尼巴厘岛为 Christian DIOR 做一天的同声翻译

4 days simultaneous interpretation at Bangkok Convention Center for USA MLM company @ Asia Conference. 4天在泰国会展中心为美国直销公司做同声翻译 !

3 days simultaneous interpreting for World Entrepreneurs Organization master training class and lecture

SYLee Conducted 5S training at Brunei University to 120 executive and government officers, 提供5S培训讲课给120执行人员和政府官员, 地点文莱大学

Conducted 5S training at Brunei University to 120 executive and government officers, reported widely by Brunei newspaper. 提供5S培训讲课给120执行人员和政府官员, 地点文莱大学,得到文莱报障积极报道。

Done 3 days Holland Big Dutchmen poutry company simultaneous interpretation at KLCC Malaysia. 三天为荷兰家畜养殖公司做同声翻译 @ 马来西亚双子塔会展中心

6 days consecutive interpratation for Honda Malaysia. 马来西亚Honda工厂翻译6天。Year 2017

Done Singapore 2 days simultaneous interpretation for Russina company in oil and gas. 两天俄罗斯企业石油和天然气同步翻译。地点:新加坡

Consecutive interpreting (volunteer) for yearly Christmas day at my Ampang Chinese Methodist Church.

simultaneous interpretation in Church

Conducted SMART Goal Setting seminar ; SMART目标设定讲课和培训

Simultaneous interpreting for Global Business Forum @ Yearly event ! 年度-全球领袖峰会同步翻译

Yearly event, Malaysia Palm Oil Conference simultaneous interpreting. 每年都项目,马来西亚棕油大会同声翻译

Simultaneous interpretation for MSD Animal Health. 同步翻译- 动物保健

Simultaneous interpretation 1 day for Sime Darby leadership program 为森那美高层领袖训练做同步翻译

Done simultaneous interpretation for One Belt One Road @ Bank of China; 中国银行做同声翻译 – 一带一路

Technical Training 工程培训 Conducted 5S and 7QC tools technical training to Kariburg company at Malaysia. 提供5S 和 7品质管理给Kraiburg 公司的15位工程师。 Year 2016 年

Interpreted for JP Morgan Chase Bank Berhad, Jan 2016. Done for CEO and few other director with the China delegate. 为摩根大通总裁和总监做翻译。

Consecutive interpreting for China conglomerate Vinda Group at Malaysia

Technical Training 工程培训 Conducted FMEA and QA methodology technical training at German Company. Year 2015.

Simultaneous interpreting at GuangDong China for Dutch company

Simultaneous interpreation at Sarawak Sibu for USA NU SKIN event. 美国如新企业同步翻译

Simultaneous interpretatin for Caterpillar, USA Company 同声翻译

CatEagle interpretation at China, Hangzhou Dutch factory

Interpreting for 2019 biggest Investment project in Selangor, Malaysia

Interpreting for High Voltage transmission and transformer - Feb 2019

Jan 2019 -CatEagle Translation and Training done two days simultaneous interpretation at Manila Philippines for banking compliance @ ING bank Netherlands and China.

Interpreting at Wisma MCA for government program

Simultaneous interpreation for USA Fortune 500 companay ; 为世界500强美国公司翻译

Simultaneous interpreation for Malaysia Institute of Engineer

Consecutive interpreting for France engineer at Han Wah Solar Panel

Simultaneous interpreting at Bali Island for USA company CISCO 3 days - Feb 2019

7 to 10 Jan 2019, CatEagle done simultaneous interpretation at Bangkok Convention Center, Thailand. CatEagle provides Chinese and Japanese interpretation. This 3 days event organized by a unicorn multinational mobile apps company. Two thousands attended this event from 15 countries. 泰国曼谷会展中心做同步翻译三天, 国际手机移动与系统发展公司, 15个国家2000人出席参与大会。