Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

Cateagle provides the best and clear simultaneous interpretation equipments.  We ensure first-rate quality interpretation transmission, providing attendees a flawless multilingual experience and all our equipments are ISO certified SIS system. We provide range of equipments for different events, from interpreter booths, interpreter i-desks to wireless transmitters and receivers. CatEagle has UHF receivers, wireless infrared systems (IR) and radio frequency systems (RF) to cater to conference specific simultaneous interpretation rental needs. If your event involves confidential communication, our infrared systems will be an effective solution to your needs. Our up-to-date radio frequency systems also ensure smooth transmission and mobility, with wide transmission coverage, clear and without interference, 500m radius.  We provide lorry, on site technicians, set up and dismantle.

CatEagle has serviced more than 38 MNC (Malaysia, Taiwan, France, Singapore, Spain, Netherland, China, Hong Kong, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Philippine, Korea) to provide the ISO booths, transmitters, console, idesk and receivers to more than 60 conferences, seminar and meeting, include those at KLCC and MiTEC Malaysia.

For Immediate Rental :-

  1. ISO certified Booth – 10 units

  2. Console  – 10 units

  3. Transmitter – 10 units

  4. IR Receiver -500 units

  5. UHF Receiver – 500 units 

  6. RF Receivers – 4000 units

Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) Equipments available for rental,

  • Interpreter Booths
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Radio Frequency Receiver
  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Receiver
  • IR (Infra Red) Receiver
  • Interpreter i-Desks
  • Console for Conference, Seminar and Meeting
  • Earphone

All our equipments are ISO certified SIS system.

All our booths are fully sound proof and ISO certified

All our receivers are interference-free and noise-free


<---- METHOD 2 - Economic SIS system suitable for 10 or less listener @ Wireless Portable SIS System with Transmitter + Receiver UHF Professional For Conference Interpretation - Without Booth ; Japanese Okayu portable system with 10 receivers one day rental ~~ RM 1000 <> RM 1500 with one full time technician.